It is a pioneering anchoring system to tissues
(TAF: Tissue Adhesive Molecular Film)

and is based on the formation of a homogeneous film that surrounds the fibers of the cotton by evaporation of the aqueous medium, releasing an innovative mix of tested effectiveness active principles to a draining and shaping for legs, hips and buttocks. In contact with the skin assets that make up the mix are absorbed slowly but continuously to allow the perfect subcutaneous absorption.

The active ingredients in the mix are among the most effective against cellulite:

• SLIM EXCESS: inhibitor of lipogenesis, activates lipolysis.

• L-carnitine: used to convert fat into energy

• Caffeine: used for the treatment of cellulite and localized fat deposits, the catabolic effects on adipocytes

• ESCINA: anti-inflammatory, vasoprotective and vasoconstrictor.

• STEM CELLS OF CENTELLA: anti-inflammatory and healing properties, is one of the more effective anti-cellulite active in the world of commodities.

SLIMTAF is a line of modeling leggings in natural fiber, high quality cotton, hypoallergenic and comfortable with two different knitting : the slip slightly restraining and the leg in soft and elastic plain.



A: treated fiber - B: untreated fiber
The arrows indicate the homogeneous disposition of Taf that surrounds all the cotton fiber


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