SLIMTaf is not only effective, but also trendy and now appears in its new look of a catchy gray fashion.


                                              SLIMTaf ridoes its dress and the color too !!!







It  has been signed our collaboration in co-branding with IODASE.

Let's give a warm welcome to Iodase Company, we thank them for their confidence and look forward to a long path of collaboration




The latest from SLIMTaf is SLIMTaf Lift, a sheer pantyhose, in nylon or cotton, with cotton gusset, flat seams and delicate fragrance; matt look, velvety soft, stretch, this tights perfectly fits the forms and wraps with a FILM of a mixture of active ingredients including HYALURONIC ACID, which day after day, takes care of the beauty of your legs; through the TAF technology with progressive release, these assets are conveyed from the fabric to the skin for a SMOOTHING and HYDRATING action combined with a wonderful LIFTING effect.

A unique and enveloping experience like a soft and durable embrace which you can no longer do without.




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