...just wear anticellulite leggings SLIMTAF consistently for 42 days, 8 hours a day to see the results.

On contact with skin, the soft tissue of SLIMTAF gradually releases the assets contained therein for a deep anticellulite action. SLIMTAF will arrive on store already activated and ready for use, now available in three versions: leggings, capri and cyclist. The mix of active has a power of anchoring to the fabric up to five washes and may be activated due to single-dose recharging packs included in the package, to have a perfect modeling continuity . The single dose must be used during the final rinse, the content is dispersed in a basin of warm water and the item must be left completely immersed for 15/20 minutes. The only care will be to not spin the product but to squeeze it gently and allow to dry away from heat sources.


The effectiveness of SLIMTAF has been tested in vivo on a group of 25 women aged between 25 and 50 years for a period of 42 days with a reduction of:

circumference of thigh / hip of -2.5 cm
compact skin + 56%
elasticity + 9%
orange peel appearance - 60%

The results are visible after 28 days!


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