Calzificio Franzoni Gian Mauro , on the market since 1951, turns over the years from small family-run workshop in a modern and solid Italian production.

A wise management has kept the company abreast of market trends and technologies, while preserving the tradition and professionalism of the early years, has enabled it to consolidate its growing success.

Today, the Gian Mauro Franzoni works with great success in the "Private Label" which is flanked by its own brands "FRANZ" and "CALZAMODA".
In 2009 the challenge to a new business unit dedicated to research and innovation:
the goal of creating a product with unique characteristics and singular, born from the merger of a consolidated experience in the textile sector, combined with the world of cosmetics research and development.
In particular, she began to study the possibility to "treat" their items, with the active slimming properties. Thus was born SLIMTAF, a line of products in natural cotton, which is distinguished by the peculiar and completely innovative TAF to active draining at slow release, created for the treatment of skin blemishes.
In 2010 presents the project to the Chamber of Commerce winning the FIRST PRIZE FOR INNOVATION IN THE TEXTILE FIELD.



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